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As women, we learn how to master the masquerade. 
We are taught to conceal our scars and hide our pain. We are encouraged to keep secrets and keep others far away and not to let anyone too close for fear that they might detect the damage buried beneath.

“Dear Young Woman” was written by women who are determined to change this narrative. 

The authors of this book are from different parts of the globe, but together they stand to collectively remove their masks and speak their truth. 

The testimonies in this book range from molestation, to failed marriages, suicide attempts, life as a side chick, and near-death experiences, just to name a few. 

The stories between these pages are proof that there is triumph after the trial and that God has a purpose for your pain.

Prayerfully the power of these testimonies will shatter barriers and bridge gaps among women around the world, and create a culture of transparency that encourages meaningful dialogue so that we as women can discover the beauty in our similarities instead of highlighting our differences.

Preorder your copy of Dear Young Woman and you will receive an autographed copy of Dear Young Woman and a Dear Young Woman bookmark including a list of all the authors.




Dear Young Woman Anthology